Top 6 Hotels near Heathrow Airport

For tourists and business travelers alike, the most convenient option available is choosing a hotel near an airport. It is simply more suitable and convenient for those who are travelling with early morning or late night flights. Luckily, there are plenty of hotels near Heathrow Airport for travelers to choose from.

hotels near Heathrow Airport

hotels near Heathrow Airport

The following hotels listed below are all advantageous choices as they are served by the shuttle service of the National Express Hotel Hoppa, along with plenty of parking services for those who are renting a car.

Hilton Hotel: Directly connected to the airport’s Terminal 5 and easily accessible from the London Tube, the Hilton Hotel is a convenient choice for those who wish to make their travelling process less stressful.

Not only is this hotel one of the best hotels near Heathrow Airport for parking, but it also offers extremely serviceable facilities and amenities. It provides business services, free Wi-Fi connectivity, a swimming pool, a restaurant, laundry facilities, and a gym.  

Sofitel Hotel: The Sofitel Hotel is a chic and sophisticated Heathrow Airport hotel, which is only a short distance away from the airport’s Terminal 5. A total of 500 cars can park in the parking lot of this hotel. Both of these factors combined make it a favorite among many international travelers.

Facilities include a restaurant, a gym, laundry services, room services, a swimming pool, and business services.

Holiday Inn London: The Holiday Inn London is close to terminals 1, 2, and 3 at Heathrow Airport. As a result, it is the perfect hotel Heathrow Airport for travelers who are looking to relax in affordable accommodations.

Facilities and amenities include business services, a bar, a restaurant, room services, laundry services, and plenty of parking spaces.

Marriott London Heathrow: This is hands-down one of the best hotels in Heathrow Airport. It is a 5-star hotel that offers incredible parking services and a relaxing environment, as well as spacious and modern rooms.

Additionally, it provides facilities and amenities such as room services, a fitness center, a swimming pool, and a bar. 

The Holiday Inn M4 J4: This is a unique hotel near Heathrow Airport that is easily accessible from the airport’s motorway. Unlike other hotels, the Holiday Inn M4 J4 offers an exclusive ‘Park, Stay, & Go’ service that allows travelers to park and leave their cars safely.

Facilities and amenities at this hotel are both standard and serviceable.

Radisson Edwardian Hotel: This is a hotel for those who are looking for extremely relaxing and comfortable accommodations. This hotel’s 459 high-class rooms are uniquely furnished, giving guests a homey feeling. It has an inviting and warm atmosphere, ideal for travelers who are looking for a ‘home away from home’.

Furthermore, this hotel offers standard facilities, amenities, and parking options.

Mentioned above are only few of the best hotel accommodation options for individuals who are looking to stay near Heathrow Airport. All of these hotels near Heathrow Airport are located conveniently, providing plenty of parking spaces and world-class facilities that you would expect in a fully-serviced accommodation establishment.

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