Three Things Home Sellers Do That Maddens Their Real Estate Agent

Realtors are great business partners, at least most of them. They help us get the best deal for our budget, whether it’s getting a new home or selling our home. However, like us, realtors are just humans, and they can get frustrated, if not infuriated when you press all the wrong buttons. Also, they can only do so much, and without the full commitment and cooperation of the homeowner, it can be really difficult for them to get good results. We spoke to a Wilston real estate agent, and here are some of the things she experienced from her past clients that tested her patience.

Turning down home showings for lame reasons

Home showing is the first step to home selling. This is why people selling their homes should always jump at the opportunity when realtors call to tell them that someone wants to see their home. Yet, many home sellers actually turn down home showings for lame reasons, which is an automatic loss of a potential buyer. Every Wilston real estate agent knows that home showing takes some work, and the process of selling can be a hassle. But as said earlier, realtors need help from home owners, and the latter should do their part in showcasing their property to potential buyers. Every missed home showing is a missed opportunity.

Restricting home showings for (again) lame reasons

This is obviously quite similar to the issue above – some sellers impose strict home showing schedules for lame reasons, like showings on weekends until 5pm, or Wednesdays between 2 to 4pm. Again, there’s only so much realtors can do, and things like this can make selling the house tough. Every Wilston real estate agent will suggest that homes should be open for showings on a regular basis, with flexibility to meet the schedule of home buyers. Imposing restrictions can make it harder to sell the property.

Complaining about feedbacks from real estate agents and potential buyers

As with anything in life, we cannot please everybody, and in the case of real estate and home selling, realtors are there to help home sellers make their properties look good in the eyes of potential buyers and their agent. Unfortunately, many home owners take feedbacks from potential buyers and their real estate agents personally. Sellers need to keep their cool and understand that everyone has his own preferences and priorities in searching for a new home. Read more about it here:

Some may love the property for what it is, some may not like some aspects of the property, while some may hate everything about it. That’s okay. Newmarket real estate agency says that, you can’t always get the feedback that you want from every visiting buyer and agent, but rather than feeling bad about it, you should find something valuable from their comments. Learn from them and use this information to better your home staging and improve the property from its shortcomings for the next visitor.

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