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Seaside Living: The Best of Both Worlds

A property that offers a great view of the waters is considered more valuable in the real estate business than those without it.  When buying properties, buyers are not just looking at the standard features and amenities but also the location. They want the best views because it makes living in those areas a little bit more exciting. That is the appeal you get when you purchase properties that waterside land sunshine coast offers.

There are clients who are willing to pay millions of dollars for such a picturesque view if it is situated in the right location such as the Sunshine Coast. Buying properties with excellent views such as the waterside land Sunshine Coast features gives you an ultimate prize as far as your investments are concerned. The value for such property will increase exponentially as the demand also increases. Check PELICAN WATERS for more details.

pelican waters

Great View for a Great Value

When you are planning to buy land Caloundra has, you also have to consider the value of the view. This depends on where the property sits as well as what you plan to do with it. Do you prefer resting on the beach taking in the view? Do you prefer lots of activities in your property such as water sports? These are some of the key considerations that you will need to look into when planning to purchase a property. An excellent view will increase the value and subsequently drives up the price of the property substantially. Buyers typically prefer good views in the main living areas of the house which should be accessible at the eye level.

The allure of the waterside land Sunshine Coast developer promotes is simply irresistible. It is like living in a luxurious holiday villa endlessly. You can head over to your home after a hard day, recline on the couch and get a relaxing sensation of the seaside along with stunning views of the Sunshine Coast.  A family friendly land Caloundra offers are luxurious moments for which many investors will be willing to pay premium value. If the views of the property can be easily seen, the better for the investor. These generally sell for a much higher price.

Living the Dream of Seaside Living

One place where you can get family friendly lots Sunshine Coast has is in the Pelican Waters planned development community. This is one of the most sought-after business opportunities for anyone planning to invest on Sunshine Coast. This is a family friendly place and also a very affordable waterside development.

The residential development is situated in good locations and has the best amenities in place to enable you to live life to the fullest. It has a vibrant social life, incorporating fun and family recreation. The Waterside in the Sunshine Coast offers the best opportunity to live the dream of seaside living. Investors can choose from a variety of property options including the courtyard lots, the villas, the traditional lots, and many others. All these are situated near amenities such as the shops, schools, and even a golf course.


Important facts about Silom hotels relatively close to Lumpini

Lumpini is one of the best open public places in Bangkok. It is also one of the oldest and has a rich and diverse variety of activities within it. It is a main tourist attraction and offers activities like biking trails, sight seeing in the artificial lakes as well as play grounds. Due to its diversity, the Lumpini park is a major tourist attraction site. Through this, accommodation is an important factor within this area. Accommodation services are available in different places, the closest being Silom. Silom hotels relatively close to Lumpini offer top class services. Here are some important facts to note about Silom hotels.

Silom hotels relatively close to Lumpini

Silom hotels relatively close to Lumpini

Location and accessibility

Silom hotels are very centrally located. The hotels are in an area accessible by several transport modes. They are located very close to the BTS station, making most of a short walking distance away from main stops. Being close to the Sorthorn Road, the hotels are also accessible through taxi services.


Silom hotels relatively close to Lumpini have world class services. Most of the hotels provide laundry services, spa and Thai massages, health and fitness centers as well as child care services. Staying in these hotels will be more convenient for people looking for a silent get away. The hotels will offer qualified service providers and hence very professional and friendly services.

Prices and discounts

Silom hotels relatively close to Lumpini have pocket friendly charges. They also offer good discount rates. Asking about additional charges in any of the hotel is highly important. This way, you can be able to know what other charges you will incur besides the base rate charges.


Most the hotels in Silom provide for a great view. This is because the area has a great and serene environment. One can have a view of the Bangkok city from top floor rooms, as well as the park and pool view from the lower floors.

Ideal for business and vocational trips

Silom hotels will suit any kind of traveler. For those who are on business trips, there are multiple business facilities, meeting centers that are ideal for conferences as well as offices around the hotels. For the vacationing traveler, the hotels in Silom offer you the very best. There are a lot of great places to visit around, multiple shopping malls and a lively night life and entertainment joints. Visiting the Lumpini Park is also another vocational activity to engage in.

Thai hospitality is prominent

Most of the hotels in Silom offer Thai hospitality. This is in form of spa treatments as well as food. Most of the restaurants offer great food and breakfasts at reasonable prices. For the spa treatments, many hotels will provide customized services as per client request.

Easy to book

Hotels in Silom are easy to book. You will find most of them listed on online sites, while others have websites offering booking services. Additionally, the hotels offer reliable customer services, through which clients can call and make bookings. Booking through agents is also a great option offered by most Silom hotels. Visit for inquiries.


Various Berry Accommodations to Choose From

If you are planning to take a trip to Berry in New South Wales, one of the main things that you need is a place to stay. The type of Berry accommodation that would be best for you and your companions (if any) would depend on your specific needs.

Berry accommodation

Berry accommodation

To help you decide which one you need, here are some of the options you can choose from:

Villas – If you prefer having more privacy with your family, villas are a good choice. This type of accommodation usually includes a kitchen, a pool area, living room, dining area, and a bedroom. This can accommodate a big group. The rental charge is usually on a weekly basis and is relatively cheaper as compared to other accommodation types.

Caravaning or Car Camping – This is also known as Caravan Parks, RV camping, and many other names. As the name implies, this is ideal if you prefer camping in your own vehicle. Among the facilities included are shared toilets and laundry areas. It is perfect for those who want to enjoy nature more and those who like hikes, cook-outs, and other outdoor activities.

Bed and Breakfast – This is a property or a residence where guests and the owner live in one establishment. This is usually a large family property that has been converted or purposely built to accommodate guests. Most of the time, each room has its own private bathroom but in some cases, bathrooms are shared among guests. As its name suggests, this type of option includes both bed and freshly cooked breakfast prepared by the hosts the next day.

Resort – This is usually situated near popular tourist spots such as lakes, mountains, parks, and beaches.  It is ideal for those who are on a vacation and those who like recreational activities. It usually has rooms of various sizes, private baths, and swimming pool.

Hotels – One of the most popular types of Berry accommodation. Hotels typically have rooms with a private bathroom and lounge area. This may be the cheapest and may also be the most expensive accommodation Berry can offer you. Since this type is high on demand, there are a lot of hotels Berry can offer you. This is the usual preference of those who have bigger budgets and those who want high-quality services and amenities.

Motels – The name is a combination of the words “motor” and “hotel”. As the name implies, it is ideal for travellers who have their own cars. It closely resembles a hotel and is usually located on a roadside. It goes by many other names like motor lodge, auto camps, and tourist cabins. It suits travellers who are looking for a budget-friendly Berry accommodation.

Given all the information above, you are sure to determine which among them is perfect for your trip. Get to enjoy your trip to this town more by picking a nice place to stay. Make your reservations now by visiting Berry Accommodation can give you a wide range of accommodations to choose from depending on your travel schedule. Get to read customer feedback and ratings of various hotels in the area. You can easily compare their rates and services offered too.


Hotels in London: Catering Different Budgets

London hotels are among the best all over the United Kingdom. They simply offer two important things to guests: comfort and luxury, both of which can either be found in luxurious or cheap hotels in London.

hotels in london

hotels in london

London is the capital city of United Kingdom, frequented by visitors from all corners of the world. It is well-endowed with a considerable level of charm, a reason why many tourists flock to this city. It is also the commercial, financial, and educational hub of the region.

The roots of London were well-established during the Victorian and the Georgian eras. Thus, there are many varied hotels in this city to cater a large number of tourists. In addition to being conveniently located, majority of these hotels offer unmatched services to guests.

Various hotels are scattered across this majestic and huge cosmopolitan city. Most of them are considered as a delight to visitors due to hospitality, elegance, state-of-the-art facilities, comfortable, and luxurious amenities – with some even dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries.

Although these hotels stick to their roots and traditions, amenities in such hotels have been changed to accommodate the modern generation. They are also designed to meet diverse standards and financial capacities of guests.

As such, there are both majestic deluxe luxury hotels and cheap hotels London. Generally, hotels within this city are more expensive as compared to those located outside London. Fortunately, there are cheap hotels that offer comfy accommodations and services at very affordable rates.

Some hotels in London offer lucrative discounts in a bid to attract guests. Other hotels located outside the city are easily accessible by road, convenient during London breaks. For that reason, guests can look for hotels situated away from London such as the Montcalm London City Hotel to escape the hustle and the bustle of city life.

The Montcalm London City is one of the finest boutique hotels in London. It offers guests multiple accommodation options, situated away from the city. This hotel has excellent dining facilities, as well as modern amenities. Moreover, the Montcalm London City has three different types of guest rooms and seven luxurious suites with varying styles. The rooms within this hotel are elegantly appointed, spacious, and fitted with modern amenities such as lush linens, comfortable beds, plush pillows, air-conditioner, satellite channels, broadband internet connection, and LCD TV.

hotels in london

On the other hand, an example of a budget hotel London is the St. Giles Hotel London. This hotel is located in Camden. Some of the facilities offered in this hotel are as follows: a 24-hour reception, a guest lounge, and meeting rooms. The London city centre is only a few minutes drive away from this hotel. The comfortable and spacious rooms in this hotel are fitted with tea/coffee making facilities, a shower, a hair dryer, a private bathroom, and in-room movies.

Whether you are staying in London for leisure, for business, or for sightseeing – this city offers a variety of hotels for guests to choose from.  Hotels in London certainly cater for travelers with different tastes and varying budgets. Book now on their website and enjoy your time!


Top 6 Hotels near Heathrow Airport

For tourists and business travelers alike, the most convenient option available is choosing a hotel near an airport. It is simply more suitable and convenient for those who are travelling with early morning or late night flights. Luckily, there are plenty of hotels near Heathrow Airport for travelers to choose from.

hotels near Heathrow Airport

hotels near Heathrow Airport

The following hotels listed below are all advantageous choices as they are served by the shuttle service of the National Express Hotel Hoppa, along with plenty of parking services for those who are renting a car.

Hilton Hotel: Directly connected to the airport’s Terminal 5 and easily accessible from the London Tube, the Hilton Hotel is a convenient choice for those who wish to make their travelling process less stressful.

Not only is this hotel one of the best hotels near Heathrow Airport for parking, but it also offers extremely serviceable facilities and amenities. It provides business services, free Wi-Fi connectivity, a swimming pool, a restaurant, laundry facilities, and a gym.  

Sofitel Hotel: The Sofitel Hotel is a chic and sophisticated Heathrow Airport hotel, which is only a short distance away from the airport’s Terminal 5. A total of 500 cars can park in the parking lot of this hotel. Both of these factors combined make it a favorite among many international travelers.

Facilities include a restaurant, a gym, laundry services, room services, a swimming pool, and business services.

Holiday Inn London: The Holiday Inn London is close to terminals 1, 2, and 3 at Heathrow Airport. As a result, it is the perfect hotel Heathrow Airport for travelers who are looking to relax in affordable accommodations.

Facilities and amenities include business services, a bar, a restaurant, room services, laundry services, and plenty of parking spaces.

Marriott London Heathrow: This is hands-down one of the best hotels in Heathrow Airport. It is a 5-star hotel that offers incredible parking services and a relaxing environment, as well as spacious and modern rooms.

Additionally, it provides facilities and amenities such as room services, a fitness center, a swimming pool, and a bar. 

The Holiday Inn M4 J4: This is a unique hotel near Heathrow Airport that is easily accessible from the airport’s motorway. Unlike other hotels, the Holiday Inn M4 J4 offers an exclusive ‘Park, Stay, & Go’ service that allows travelers to park and leave their cars safely.

Facilities and amenities at this hotel are both standard and serviceable.

Radisson Edwardian Hotel: This is a hotel for those who are looking for extremely relaxing and comfortable accommodations. This hotel’s 459 high-class rooms are uniquely furnished, giving guests a homey feeling. It has an inviting and warm atmosphere, ideal for travelers who are looking for a ‘home away from home’.

Furthermore, this hotel offers standard facilities, amenities, and parking options.

Mentioned above are only few of the best hotel accommodation options for individuals who are looking to stay near Heathrow Airport. All of these hotels near Heathrow Airport are located conveniently, providing plenty of parking spaces and world-class facilities that you would expect in a fully-serviced accommodation establishment.

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Hammersmith Hotels – the perfect choice in Western London

Are you planning to visit the western parts of Central London and looking for a perfect hotel? There is a wide range of Hammersmith hotels that can provide the best services you like. The hotels have for a long time been the choice of many visitors and residents living in the western sides of London. Below are some more details you should know about Hammersmith hotels.

Hammersmith hotels

Hammersmith hotels


Hammersmith is a very popular shopping destination located on the upper banks of Thames River. In the area, you get a lot of business enterprises such as restaurants, shops, hotel chains and business malls and centers. The location makes this area a perfect destination for tourists visiting London. It offers quick and easy access to a wide range of tourist spots and cheap hotels in Hammersmith. Most of the Hammersmith hotels can be accessed within a walking distance from the central Hammersmith.

Products and Services offered

In case you have a plan to visit Hammersmith for some days or weeks, you need to get high quality services and accommodation for convenience and comfort. Here are some of the quality services you get from cheap hotels Hammersmith offers for you to consider in your travel itinerary.

There is the Brook Green Hotel located within five minutes from the major roundabout. As soon as you arrive, it will be easy for you to find this hotel. Here you get high quality services and products such as Italian, Indian and French cuisines. This makes the hotel perfect even for international visitors. If you are not in good mood to move out, most of the hotels in Hammersmith offer cocktail offerings because most of them have pubs. In addition, amenities in the hotel are up to standard that most others provide.  Visitors are provided with parking services, with great security, thus visitors have peace of mind as they stay in the hotel.

Another hotel in Hammersmith is Hotel Orlando. Just like many other hotels in Hammersmith, it can be accessed within a short distance from the major roundabout in the center.  Here, visitors have the opportunity to visit the BBC TV center, shopping center in Westfield, Riverside studios and other major attractions. Another unique services offered in this hotel is breakfast and bed type of accommodation. This makes visitors have more family fun because they feel as if they are in their homes.

Holiday Inn express is located in the same area as The Brook Green Hotel, but a bit far from the major roundabout in the area. The hotel is easily accessible using a car and the rooms have air conditioners. For every reservation, visitors are provided with continental breakfast. What makes this hotel a choice for many visitors is the free Wi-Fi connection and parking services offered. In addition, visitors access other tourist attraction destinations such as Lyric theatre, Marks and Spencer and Primark.

As you search for hotels in Hammersmith, you need to consider the location, the level accommodation and the cost of the services. This helps you plan your budget and enjoy your stay in Hammersmith.

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Best Budget-Friendly Hotels in Victoria

London is a popular tourist destination, attributed to the fact that it is one of the most popular cities in the whole world. But when the city recently played host to the Olympics event (the grandest sporting event in the world), it further fueled curiosity among travel enthusiasts to go and check out the city yet again. Victoria, in particular, is one of the busiest parts of London, particularly since this is close to the Victoria train station and provides quick access around other parts of the city. Therefore, it is an ideal location for backpackers or tourists who want to make the most out of their stay in London. Unfortunately, these exact same qualities that make Victoria an appealing jump-off point for tourists also makes it difficult to find cheap hotels Victoria London.

hotels Victoria London

If you look around close enough, you will find that there are several affordable hotels in London Victoria station. Competition is a contributing factor to this. There are several hotels, inns, and other accommodation types serving the area. Hence, hotel owners had to put up competitive pricing with their accommodation offerings to lure tourists in.

One such example of cheap hotels London Victoria is the Central House Hotel London. It is located in 39 Belgrave Road, Victoria, London. This hotel is a four-storey building that is made up of three townhouses, featuring Georgian-style architecture. Hence, it ensures comfort and style for its guests that surprise many when finding out how affordable their rates are. Guests in the hotel can also enjoy free airport shuttle service, free breakfast, and concierge. It is strategically located as well, such that you can access most attractions in the area within walking distance.

Another you can add to your list of cheap hotels London Victoria station is the Caswell Hotel. This budget hotel is accessible from the Victoria Coach Station by foot (approximately 8 minutes away). This means that you can also check out some famous attractions in the area on foot, which includes the Tate Gallery, the Hyde Park, the Big Ben, and the London Eye, to name a few. In addition to having reasonably-priced accommodation rates, Caswell Hotel also offers transport from and to the airport, together with some basic hotel amenities.

If you are looking for more cheap hotels Victoria London, there are more that you need to check into while doing your research. Be sure to check out Comfort Inn Victoria, Victoria Inn, Hanover Hotel, and Lynton Hotel. The rates for these hotels may vary, but are all within a reasonable range. Hence, you can pick one that suits your preference and budget range.

Planning a trip to London soon? Don’t forget to check out Http://HotelsinLondonVictoria.Org.Uk/ to help you plan your trip, especially when it comes to finding budget-friendly accommodations. With such popular tourist spot, it is not a secret how finding cheap hotels Victoria London can quite be a task. Use the information available on the website to serve as a guide, not only in finding budget-friendly accommodation, but also in getting in and around the city of London.


Stay cheap, not tacky, in the city of castles

For a city that claims to have the largest concentration of castles, Cardiff does not really require a royal bank balance to find a temporary shelter on your travels. Be it for business or pleasure, there are a number of cheap hotels in Cardiff available for you.

cheap hotels in Cardiff

cheap hotels in Cardiff

Already spent a fortune on the match or concert ticket, and want a sensible option to stay? Cheap does not have to mean tacky here. Even in the summer, when tourists flock in and drive the hotel rates up, Cardiff has very good options for budget accommodations, under and around the 50-pound mark.

Some of the best-rated cheap hotels Cardiff has to offer:

– Premier Inn: Premier Inn has six establishments in Cardiff and while the one in the city center is slightly more expensive, you can find lower rates — as low as £43 — at the others.

–  Number 62: A quaint bed and breakfast. Most of the city attractions can be reached on foot in 10-20 minutes. Rooms, equipped with Flat screen TVs and free wi-fi, start at £60.

–  Tanes Hotel: It is one of the most popular cheap hotels in Cardiff. While double/twin rooms with shared bathrooms are available at £48, you have an en-suite option for £60. A full-English breakfast is offered at £5 surcharge.

–  Sandringham hotel: Doubles start at £60, inclusive of breakfast. Located centrally, it’s a sensible non-glitzy option.

–  Future Inn Cardiff Bay: Situated right in the heart of Cardiff Bay, their basic rooms, booked at least 21 days in advance, start at £55. Free wifi and parking are available, and the rooms can accommodate up to four people.

–  Sleeperz hotel: Stylish, compact air-conditioned rooms are priced at £55. It’s a superb rate for a hotel located in the city center, and only a minute away from the railway station. Also has free wi-fi and tea/coffee maker in the room.

– Big Sleep hotel: Standard double room starts at £36, inclusive of breakfast, at this ‘designer budget hotel’. Only a five-minute walk from the railway station, the hotel offers panoramic views of the city and was voted the ‘coolest hotel’ by Conde Nast.

– The Royal Hotel Cardiff: Located close to the Millenium stadium and the Cardiff Castle, the hotel is in a beautiful Victorian building. Built in 1866, it is Cardiff’s oldest hotel. Room rates start at £55 with breakfast available for an additional £9.

Apart from these, there are establishments from popular chains like Ibis, Holiday Inn, Mercure, Novotel, Copthorne, Radisson Blu and Travelodge in the city. In keeping with one of the soundest practices of traveling, try and book in advance to get more bang for your buck.

With so many options available, it might be a little daunting choosing the right one, suited to your exact needs. Let the experts help. Log on to for the latest information and deals on cheap hotels in Cardiff. Not only does the website have real-time updates on dates and prices in your local currency, it is also a great resource for hotel reviews and details about the city’s biggest attractions.


Hotels Mayfair: A Home Away from Home

Mayfair is a region in central London, next to the east edge of the Hyde Park, within Westminster city. This region is mainly commercial at present with many former homes now converted into offices. The city is home to exclusive shopping centres, restaurants, residential property and some of the best hotels in the world. An upscale neighbourhood within London, many visitors come to this region for dining, entertainment and shipping experience. Owing to its closeness to a number of tourist attractions in London, many tourists prefer to stay in Mayfair. Some of the famous attractions are: shopping on Oxford Street and Piccadilly Circus. This preference by many visitors has seen a notable growth of the hotel industry in this area. Throughout this article, a number of hotels Mayfair can offer will be discussed.

hotel mayfair

hotel mayfair

 Millennium Hotel London Mayfair

The Millennium Hotel London Mayfair is situated in the heart of Mayfair. The history of this building dates back to the 18th-century. It is a luxury hotel overlooking the Square. This hotel is a walking distance from the two underground train stations in the region. It is also a short distance from the Oxford Street, a well renowned shopping district in London. The rooms within this hotel boast of en-suite bathrooms, king-size beds and sitting areas for the guests to this hotel. Within the premises of the Millennium Hotel is a business centre which may be used by the leisure travellers as well as business travellers. Some of the facilities in this business centre include fax, Internet services and courier services. This hotel fits the definition of a home away from home and is one of the best hotels in Mayfair London. Guests can dine in the restaurant that is adjacent to this hotel. This restaurant serves Italian cuisine.

Park Lane Mews Hotel

The Park Lane Mews Hotel is located in close proximity to Burlington Arcade shops, the Mason food emporium and the Fortnum & Mason. This Mayfair hotel offers its guests an array of accommodation options. The choice of accommodation rooms in this hotel range from single-bed rooms to two-bedroom apartments. Regardless of the size, all the rooms in Park Lane Mews Hotel have a flat-screen television, and a work desk. The apartments within the hotel also have a private entrance and full kitchens. The hotel also has an on-site restaurant, meeting rooms and a lounge bar for its guests among other amenities.

Holiday Inn London-Mayfair

The Holiday Inn London-Mayfair is another one of the elegant hotels Mayfair has. The hotel is situated on the bustling Berkeley Street. It is very popular for its art galleries and bars. The hotel is in close proximity with the Green Park Underground station, making it easily accessible from other parts of London. All the rooms within this hotel are air conditioned and have numerous amenities such as satellite television, complimentary morning newspapers and high-speed Internet connection. The guests who occupy the two suites also have access to in-room whirlpool and turn-down service. The staff within this hotel can communicate in 13 different languages.

There are many hotels with varied amenities and services in Mayfair. The cost of staying in Hotels Mayfair has today also differs from one hotel to another. The above are some of the well renowned hotels in the region which guarantee customer satisfaction.

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Types of Gatwick Airport Hotels

Gatwick Airport is the second largest and the second busiest airport in London. It is also a perfect base, where one can explore the city of London. The airport also offers numerous amenities for travelers, but there are several reasons why you should opt for an airport accommodation near Gatwick Airport. If you are having an early flight, then staying in any of the Gatwick Airport hotels would give you the convenience of being hassle-free in catching your flight, with just a few minutes away at the airport terminal.

Gatwick Airport hotels

Gatwick Airport hotels

London Gatwick Airport hotels offer more than just comfortable accommodations. They offer incredible convenience as well. The hotels at or nearby Gatwick Airport offer easy access to the main London City Centre via coaches, taxis, car rentals, and even trains.

Accommodations at or near this airport gives you close proximity to the city centre, without necessarily paying exorbitant rates. There is a wide range of hotels that meet every guest’s needs, ranging from budget hotels to luxury hotels. Guests can also choose from a series of hotels near Gatwick with parking, which allows them to save big while getting excellent and secure parking services.

Family-Friendly Gatwick Airport Hotels

There are numerous hotel options at or near Gatwick Airport that offer excellent family accommodations and are perfectly suited for someone who is flying with kids. They provide not only convenience, but also plenty of savings for families.

The Hilton Gatwick, situated on the South Terminal, is one of the leading family-friendly hotels in Gatwick Airport. Families can also opt for the Lively Arora, the Crowne Plaza, and the Moat House – which is perfect not only for families, but also for big groups. The Crowne Plaza includes several luxury features such as a heated swimming pool, a steam room, a sauna, and a gym.

Budget Accommodations near Gatwick Airport

Planning a budget holiday at a location close to the Gatwick Airport?

There are lots of hotel accommodation options to choose from at very low prices. The Premier Inn is one of the most popular budget options for travelers. It is situated only a few minutes from the airport’s North Terminal. A short bus ride can take travelers to both the North and the South Terminals.

The Days Budget Hotel offers a 17th century ambience and plenty of dining options, along with crisp and comfortable rooms where guests can take a rest after or before a long flight.

The Travelogue is another great value and low-cost hotel. It offers guests a refreshing start to their holidays in London.

At the Holiday Inn Express, experience some great value for less with great services and amenities including sumptuous breakfasts.

The White House is a warm-friendly accommodation establishment, which is also located close to the Gatwick Airport.

Luxury Accommodations Close to the Gatwick Airport

Looking forward to getting pampered with top-end Gatwick Airport hotels close to the Heathrow? Check out top end luxury accommodation options such as the Hilton and the Sofitel. You can also visit for more hotels near Gatwick Airport options.


Finding Accommodation in Edinburgh

As the capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh has a significant population. As a matter of fact, it is the second most populous city in the country with about 500,000 people. For a person who is keen on enjoying in this city, the National Museum of Scotland, the Edinburgh Castle, the St. Giles Churches, as well as Scotland’s National Library are just a few attractions in this capital. You can get luxurious and other modest hotels Edinburgh to suit your budgetary needs as well. The only trick is choosing an accommodation with a location that suits your itinerary.

hotels Edinburgh

hotels Edinburgh

Below are some hotels Edinburgh worth checking out:

1.    Apex Waterloo Place Hotel

This hotel Edinburgh is situated less than a kilometre away from the Edinburgh Castle, on the Princes Street. If you intend to travel by rail during your stay, you would be thrilled to know that the Waverley Train Station is only less than five minutes away on foot. Furthermore, at the hotel, you have access to an indoor pool, a gym to help you keep fit, and a restaurant that serves Scottish delicacies.

  1. The Apex City Hotel

This is one of the hotels Edinburgh that would make exploring the castle easy for you. It is also located at the Grassmarket District, not far from four theatres and a train station. It has an ambient bar/restaurant as well, which serves clients every day.

  1. The Scotsman Hotel

This hotel in Edinburgh is located on North Bridge. It is not far from the castle, sitting opposite the Waverley Train Station. This hotel has a health club, a well-equipped gym, as well as a private cinema. With its rooms having separate tubs and showers, this is a hotel that gives you the chance of a luxurious relaxation in Edinburgh.

  1. The Glasshouse Autograph Collection

This is one of the hotels Edinburgh city centre that offers close proximity to some favoured attractions within the city. It is next to the Playhouse theatre, about a mile from the castle and towards the foot of Calton Hill. It is also just a few blocks from the Princes Street, as well as the Waverley Train Station. Moreover, their guestrooms either have a magnificent view of the street from balconies or spot roof garden terraces.

  1. The George Hotel

Less than half a mile away, you have access to the National Gallery. This hotel is surrounded by eateries and shopping outlets of the George Street. Their restaurant offers tasty delicacies and the Tempus Bar is a stand-by, giving revelers fantastic refreshments. Their guest rooms are also well furnished with writing desks, hair dryers, wireless internet connectivity, and movie channels, being some of the advantages of staying in them.

  1. G and V Royal Mile Hotel

A few minutes away from the castle on foot and near the Royal Mile of Edinburgh, this hotel spots lots of Italian décor and styles. You can sample Italian cuisine at the Cucina Missoni restaurant and relax in their Italian-styled guestrooms afterward.

There are many more hotels Edinburgh that gives decent accommodation for visitors in Scotland. At, you would get a lot more tips in finding the appropriate accommodation in Edinburgh.