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Learning How to use Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a great spreadsheet tool that is used by many businesses as well as individuals. They can handle millions of rows of data, automated numbering calculations and can do a lot of other processes that are beneficial to a business. Its simplicity in user interface makes it friendly and interactive to learn. Excel is the best tool to use for everyday activities of a successful business or organization. You can easily learn Excel by taking Microsoft Excel Training courses. This will increase your creativity as well as productivity after learning. People have utilized Microsoft Excel for many amazing purposes, some including:

  • Training pilots on regional jets
  • Building software
  • Data analysis
  • Fun activities like web radio player being played inside an Excel Worksheet.

Learning Excel

When taking a Microsoft Excel training course, you may opt to train specifically on Excel. However, you can also include Microsoft PowerPoint, Word as well as Access. Taking these classes will help you learn how to create spreadsheets used for inventories, budgets and databases that are number intensive. The basic course can be completed in a few days based on level of expertise, from beginners to advanced users. Once you finish a basic class, you can choose to proceed to intermediate and advanced classes. Courses often focus on specific Excel or Office version release, for example 2010 or 2013.

Beginner Classes

If you take Microsoft Excel Training as a beginner, there are plenty of basics to learn like:

  • How to create simple spreadsheets
  • Working with ranges
  • Moving data
  • Creating simple charts
  • Performing calculations
  • Practicing basic formatting like making spreadsheets more presentable and readable, among others.

In the introductory courses, one can learn spreadsheet terminologies and print an Excel spreadsheet.

Intermediate Classes

In these classes, you will get to learn and experience how to create workbooks that are online, lookup functions, subtotals, advanced formatting and filters. You may also be taught cover audit techniques as well as financial functions like interest rates and present values. If need be, beginning courses and intermediate ones can be merged into one long class.

Advanced Courses

You get to learn how to use advanced formulas and working with pivot tables. In addition, you can learn how to create macros, run them, and query external databases. Learning advanced databases will give you the knowledge of protecting your excel spreadsheets with passwords, using inbuilt functions and working with more than one spreadsheet.

Earn your Certificate

Go ahead and earn a professional certificate while taking a Microsoft Excel training course. These certificate programs always compile educational courses into sequences that build on prior skills earned. This will allow you to learn more in Excel like using graphics or templates to create spreadsheets, automation of repetitive tasks among others.

Become Microsoft Certified

There are two levels of Microsoft Excel certification. These are Microsoft Office Specialist and Microsoft Office Specialist Expert. There is also a third level called Microsoft Office Specialist Master, though Microsoft hasn’t started offering and online course for version 2013 of Excel. To complete these exams, you may need to complete certificate programs or take courses which match your skill level in Excel.