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Why Citroën Stands Out

There are thousands of car manufacturers in the market currently. Each is competing to produce the best car that will not only make heads turn but offer the best services car buyers expect of an automobile. One of the cars with a high rating currently is the Citroën. Its manufacturing company is striving to produce outlandish and technologically advanced models to keep its demand high. It is fairly rated by its enthusiasts who love its exquisite exterior, intriguing style and refined condition of the engine. A Citroën lover could take a look at the latest Brisbane Citroen on offer.

The quality of the whole Citroën package seems to differ of course depending on models, but this does not alter much of its uniqueness. Here are some of the features that an enthusiast should take a keen interest in before taking the buying leap:

1. Interior – The Citroën interior incorporates a great accomplishment for lovers of sufficient space. Apart from it being standard, there are other unique features such as the oblong clock found on the dashboard as well as easy to reach controls that make it compare to an aircraft. The boot too is fairly large and can accommodate plenty of luggage. When shopping around for a car with great interior, take a look at Brisbane Citroen offers currently available from dealers.

2. Drive – A number of motorists that have tested the Citroën say it offers a decent drive because of its good grip as well as light controls that are easy to use. At the same time, the stiffer suspension offers a great body control. It may not offer a comfortable ride when on rough road however, so this makes it a luxury car that prefers smooth roads. Take a look at the latest Brisbane Citroen offers before making a purchase. Check out Brisbane City Automotive

3. Engine – The Citroën has three main engine types namely; 1.6 liter petrol, 1.6 liter diesel, 2.0 liter diesel with the later found in the hybrid form. All these engines offer a good punch and settle down to a comfortable speed. For a car of the Citroen size, the fuel economy can be said to be impressive. A car enthusiast in need of a powerful engine could take a look at the current Brisbane Prestige cars on offer from Citroën dealers.

4. Safety – Every motorist enjoys riding in an automobile that will ensure they are safety in case of an accident. Citroën has a reputation for being safe and has even got a five-star rating from Euro-NCAP. With six airbags, sufficient traction control, stability control, ABS and a warning system during lane departure, Citroen actually offers enough safety to the driver and passengers. A shopper could find out what is on offer from a good Brisbane new car dealer in town.

5. Value for Money – Citroën is not expensive to run as the petrol model can go for over 40mpg. It is also well built and very luxurious. The price may be slightly higher but when purchasing high class, one must expect to dig deeper into the pocket. After all, price goes hand in hand with quality and luxury. Take a look at the latest Citroën from a Brisbane used car dealer.

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