Areas Most Prone To Termite Infestation

Pests can literally cause havoc in your property; be it a domestic or commercial setup. Termites, especially, can be a real bother if they are not dealt a substantive blow during extermination. With appropriate termite pest control Sydney services, you can rest easy with the assurance that the little monsters will not be back after paying for extermination services. This, however, implies that there is need to seek a pest control service with proper review ratings and a pest control strategy that has been proven to be successful even in the long term.

Keeping an eye out for termite infestation

The first step to ridding your property of termites is to be aware of the places where they are most likely to ravage. This will help you keep an eye out for signs of an impending infestation. In this way, you can get rid of them before they cause significant damage.

Areas most prone to termite infestation

There are some parts of your home or property, both indoors and outdoors that are more prone to termite infestation than others. Termites, like many other living organisms are more likely to settle at places where they can readily find food, shelter and moisture.

1.    Foundation of your building, especially if it is not made of concrete

A concrete foundation that is not cracked is your best bet when it comes to the likelihood of termites infesting the foundation of your structure. If your foundation is partly composed of wood, you need to be vigilant in checking it out for signs of termite infestation since this material is composed of cellulose which termites love as their food. Slab and hollow block foundations are also said to make a building more prone to termite infestation.

2.    Downspouts and gutters

These are parts of the exterior of your house which are mostly moist and thus, can be a good haven for termites. They are especially prone to infestation if they are left overflowing with dirt. Minimising moisture at these locations by channelling water away from them using drywells can minimise the risk of termite infestation.

3.    Crawlspaces

Houses with crawlspaces that are inaccessible are said to be more at risk for termite infestation. This is because the spaces provide ample shelter for them as well as sufficient moisture for their habitation. Crawlspaces sometimes can be tricky to inspect for signs of termites and thus, a renowned termite pest control Sydney service provider should be sought.

4.    Porches, especially the dirt-filled type

Porches which are filled with “dirt” during construction offer a conducive environment for the habitation of termites. Through these foundations, they can move up to infest the entire structure.

5.    Wooden furniture placed outside the home

Such furniture is especially prone to attack if they are not made of treated wood and are unpainted.

6.    Door and window frames made of wood

Wooden window and door frames, especially those that are located at places not in the line of direct sunlight can sometimes be a prime area for termites to inhabit.

Termites can infest a lot more places both inside and out of the house. Hence, inspections should generally target the entire property. However, the above-mentioned areas are more prone to attack and thus, need a bit more attention.

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